2017 feels like it just flew past! But at the same time when I try and think back to what I did, it feels like it was all such a long time ago.

Our main goal for 2017 was to buy a new house, which we did! It was a big year, but I think 2018 is going to be even bigger… here are some of the highlights.

New Years in Wollongong

This was such a good trip. Relaxing and hanging with friends. Can’t wait to go back and do it all again.

We bought a house!

In late 2016 we started thinking it would be nice to upgrade our house. We discussed whether to stay in Townsville or move to Sydney/Wollongong. In the end, three things made the decision for us. 1) All our family is here, 2) Most of our friends are here, 3) property prices are much cheaper here.

So we decided to stay and looked to find something in a better location that we could do some work on and make great. We fell in love with a rundown huge house in a great suburb and spent a month coming up with ideas and plans on what we’d do to renovate it. But then come auction day, it went above our budget quickly and I was devastated. A few months, and a few more auctions later and we bought a new house! Perfect location for us, near the beach, near the city, but still in a quiet, family-friendly area. The layout is great and we’ve got BIG plans on how we’re going to make it epic!

We sold a house!

We decided to cut our losses and sell my old house instead of holding onto and I have no regrets. We sold it for exactly what I was hoping to, which while we lost money overall, it sold for higher than Anthony expected so we’re calling that a win.

Started the renovations

Built a dog pen for Elle, restored and painted the exterior of the house, fixed up the shed and put a new roof on. We got a fair bit done this year, but since it’s all exterior stuff and the inside still looks the same it doesn’t feel like we’ve done much at all.


Took a long weekend and headed up through the tablelands to Cairns with my besties. Great weekend.


Elle has grown from a crazy puppy into a much calmer, but also a much bigger puppy. She’s fitting in great now and we love her to bits.

Built a veggie garden and started the new orchid

Drank a ton of coffee, ate a ton of good food, and had a ton of laughs with good friends

From Saturday morning breakfasts, Wednesday lunches and games nights many laughs were had hanging with my besties. Epic year. Epic friends.

More awesome highlights:

  • Best friends bought their first house!
  • Australia voted yes for same sex marriage!
  • Anthony and I celebrated our second anniversary
  • Got indoor plants, new TV and a rug
  • Started getting into swimming again
  • A bunch more stuff that I can’t remember


Looking ahead… 2018 Projects

2018 is going to be a huge year as far as house projects go! I’m excited to get so much done and that by the end of next year most of the key stuff will be done and our house will be amazing.

  • Raise the house and build in second story downstairs – we’re getting pro’s in to do the lift, and lay the new concrete slab, but we’re hoping to do all the building work downstairs ourselves. Huge project. This will effectively double the size of our house.
  • Build and setup the master bedroom, walk-in robe and ensuite – I’ve never had an ensuite or walk-in robe before so I’m hella excited for this one. There is going to be a 10 week period though where we’ll have no bathroom at all which I’m concerned about, but we’ll figure out a workaround.
  • Build our new kitchen – I can’t wait to have an amazing kitchen. Our current kitchen is so small and separate from the living area that cooking sucks. I actually really enjoy cooking, and this kitchen will be amazing. Huge island, open to the rest of the house, bi-fold windows opening up onto the deck, and a (tiny) walk-in pantry hidden under the stairs.
  • Plant stuff in the veggie garden, and plant an avocado tree – I’m keen to get this started sooner rather then later so that in a few years time all the fruit trees will be fruiting and we’ll have a nice established garden
  • Build carport – we’re currently parking in the backyard and killing the grass, so having a proper place to park the cars is going to be great
  • Build deck – this is going to be great. We’re hoping to use bi-fold doors to open up the downstairs lounge area onto a back deck to help make the space feel big and open, while giving us a few separate living zones.
  • Build downstairs bathroom – so many bathrooms to build this year. I’ll be stoked as long as we get one in ASAP, but for the plumbing inspections to be signed off we’ll need to build the others as well.
  • Build the third bathroom
  • Setup guest bedroom – I’m looking forward to this project as well as it’s going to be a much smaller project compared to the rest. This one will mainly just be some painting and styling hopefully.
  • Setup water tank – super keen to get a water tank. Would love to make the house a little bit more self sustainable.
  • Finish fencing the yard – Elle is going to love this so much! Currently she’s restricted to either her pen or hanging out in the house as we can’t finish fencing the yard until after the lift.
  • Smart house stuff – I’ve wanted to play with home automation stuff for so long, but the cost didn’t really suit the location of my previous house. Super keen to play with this, even if it’s just the basics of a smart front door lock and some lighting to begin with.

There are a bunch of other projects as well, but if we get these ones finished then that would be amazing!

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