About Us

Hello! We’re Katrina and Anthony, and we are the happy renovators!

Currently, we’re working on renovating our dream home. In May 2017 we purchased an old house, in a great location. Now we’re ready to renovate it and make it amazing. Find out more about our backstory here.

Anthony is a plumber by trade so that makes things a lot easier, and I grew up a tomboy who loved hanging with my Dad who was always building or renovating our house. We live in tropical north Queensland, Australia, where it’s sunny 300+ days a year.

While we’ve done smaller renovation projects on our previous houses, this is the first time we’re doing a renovation together, and one of such a big scale! By the end of it we’ll have:

  • Raised the house, and built in a second story downstairs, effectively doubling the size of the house, while keeping the same footprint
  • Built 3 bathrooms from scratch!
  • Built a new kitchen from scratch!
  • Upgraded the house from 3 bedrooms to 5
  • Replaced the roof
  • Upgraded the shed
  • Fenced the entire yard
  • Built out a garden
  • Setup a carport
  • Built a deck
  • And tons of small projects to help it all get there

I’m hoping we can get the bulk of it done within about 2 years. Which means it will probably take 4.

Current/upcoming projects

(Jan-Mar 2018):

  • Fixing up the shed so we have somewhere watertight to store everything
  • Restoring the old wooden casement windows
  • Prepping to lift the current house 2.7m up, so we can build in a second level underneath
  • Starting on framing out the new master, walk-in and ensuite
  • Reconfiguring the windows for the new layout
  • Building a 50m side fence

April – September 2018:

  • Lift the house
  • Concrete foundation
  • Frame out the exterior walls for downstairs
  • Run all the new plumbing
  • Plasterboard, cornice and painting for the master bedroom, wardrobe, stairwell
  • Start building out and tiling the upstairs ensuite and bathroom
  • Install windows for upstairs 
  • Install windows for downstairs

October – December 2018:

  • Finish the ensuite
  • Setup a walk-in wardrobe for our master suite
  • Move into the new master bedroom 😍
  • Final polish for concrete floor downstairs
  • Install the internal stairs
  • Clad the downstairs exterior
  • Paint downstairs exterior
  • Downstairs to lockup (all walls, windows + doors)


  • Internal walls downstairs
  • Plasterboard, cornice and painting for downstairs
  • Build our dream kitchen 😍😍😍
  • Finish the upstairs second bathroom
  • Build new bathroom downstairs
  • Laundry cupboard
  • Carport
  • Deck off the back of the house
  • Landscaping