This weekend was demolition weekend. Despite the fact that we’ve been working on the house nearly every weekend this year, it’s now at the stage where the next few months are going to be hectic and we’re also going to start seeing some big changes!

In the last few weeks, the updated plans were signed off by the engineers and our builder managed to get a hold of the house lifting company so it’s all systems go!

Before we can raise the house we needed to do some demolition work. First the old patio had to come down.

Anthony and my dad made light work of the job and had the whole thing pulled apart and removed within a few short hours.

I’d underestimated how much shade the patio was providing the kitchen. I’m so glad we’d already planned to put a new patio out the back to shade the new kitchen cos OMG it’s ridiculously bright standing in their in the morning. You literally need to wear sunglasses so you don’t burn your retinas.

Exhibit A: wearing sunglasses to do the dishes

Next up the electrician came to disconnect the power to the shed as well as all the airconditioning units. We needed to disconnect these before the lift as currently they’re all positioned on the ground and once the house gets raised will need the cables extended, or the unit to be attached to the wall. There was also a few units where the cabling ran down the front of the house and we wanted to move it so that we could keep the front of the house looking nice and clean.

Luckily we seemed to have timed it perfectly and the evenings and mornings are starting to get cooler so we can live without aircon for the next few months.

On Sunday came the next big project – removing all the old lining from the laundry. Here’s a shot of what the laundry looked like before:

Goodbye ugly green walls! You can see how much better it looks already after removing them. The timber framing is in such good condition! When the house gets lifted this space will be converted into the stairwell connecting upstairs and downstairs, and we’ve also managed to squish in a tiny second bathroom for upstairs.



One thing we’d been trying to figure out was what we were going to do in regards to a bathroom during the lifting stage before we get the new bathroom built and connected. We’re already starting on the prep work for the ensuite which will be the first bathroom, but there was going to be approx 4 weeks where we wouldn’t have a toilet… 😳

Luckily our builder is smarter than us and said we can keep the toilet where it is now and lift the house around it and then they’ll build a temporary shack around it. Yay for having a toilet. Even if it is in a shack outside the house…

Today we ordered all the plasterboard, villaboard and bathroom floors for upstairs. Our plan is to store all of this in the house before we lift it. That way we don’t have to lift it up into the house after it’s been lifted.

This weekend we’ll be starting work on the ensuite, and then the builders will come in and start raising the house in less than 2 weeks!


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