In a few months, we’re going to be lifting the house, which means all the plumbing will be getting disconnected. Normally when you lift a house you would reconnect the plumbing when you are finished, and probably be without a bathroom for 1-2 weeks. But we’re changing the layout a bit and not keeping the current bathroom, which presents a problem…

Originally our plan was to make the new downstairs bathroom the first project. But the first bathroom is also the biggest, and fanciest bathroom and I’d prefer not to rush it. Plus we’d prefer to wait a month(!) for the slab to cure before we start working on it, so we came up with a better idea… Start with a smaller bathroom, that we can start working on now – the master ensuite.

I’ve never had an ensuite before so I’m pretty damn excited. However my current estimate is we’re going to be without a functional bathroom for 12 weeks 😦 (which I’m much less excited about, but that’s a problem to discuss in another post).

The Floorplan

Our ensuite is going to be quite small at around 2m x 2m but we’re still making room for a double shower head (something we’ve never had before either!), a 900mm vanity, toilet and a laundry shoot.

Design inspiration

Once we decided on the floorplan, which was actually pretty easy for this one as there wasn’t too many configuration options for the space, we started talking about whether to go dark or light for the tiles.

We both love the idea of having a dark feature wall tile, but we’re also mindful of it being quite a small space and wanting it to still feel big, light and airy.

I love everything about this. The herringbone tile, the bath, the shelf, everything! 😍😍😍

We decided to go with a light, neutral tile for the two side walls and floor, and then to splurge on a feature tile for the back wall. I had my heart set on doing a herringbone tile somewhere in the house and Anthony agreed to let me give it a shot in the ensuite.  🙌

For the shower we’re doing an open plan to keep it feeling open and airy. We’re used to walk in showers and too lazy to bother with having to open and close a shower door. We’ll use custom glass panels on each side to divide the shower space off from the rest of the room.

We’re also going to do some kind of in-built shelving. Either similar to the design above, or doing a row along the back depending on setup of the plumbing.

For the vanity I’m still deciding on this but tossing up between two options. Option one: building something custom out of wood like this (but not as long):

Or doing one with a combination of wood bottom and a white stone top like this:

There will be one window in the bathroom which sits above the toilet and laundry shoot. We’re still deciding exactly what type this will be whether we just go a simple sliding window or mix it up with some louvers.

Update 24 April 2018: Good news! The builder says we can keep our old toilet so we’re not going to be without a bathroom! That said it’s going to be outside, in a temporary shack, that we’ll have to climb down a ladder to access if we need to pee in the middle of the night, so I’ll still be doing everything I can to get our ensuite built so we can go back to having a bathroom ASAP.

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