On Friday we officially sold our first house! The real estate market here has dropped 15% since I purchased this house 8 years ago, so despite the improvements we’d made, the valuations we were getting from agents and the bank had it looking like we would lose $80,000 – $100,000 on the sale.

To try and improve our chances of getting a better price, we decided to do two things. Firstly to do minor fixes to the house including giving it a fresh coat of paint on most walls. And secondly to style the house for sale.

Getting a house staged professionally was going to cost about $2,000 – $3,000. As I started doing research I noticed that most home stagers were using mainly cheap pieces from Kmart, so I decided to give it a go myself with a budget of $1,000.

So how did it go?? It went fantastic!! We sold the house for $35,000 more than the average value in the area! Overall we didn’t make a profit on the house, but I’m feeling happy about it all and grateful for the experience.

I think I probably spent about $600, all of which is on items we’re reusing in the new house. See below for some pictures of each room, and details on what I added.

Lounge room



  • Rug – $99 from Spotlight
  • Coffee Table – $29 from Kmart
  • Placemat – $8 from Pillow Talk
  • Cushions – $5-$30/each from Adairs, Kmart and some made DIY
  • Mirror – $30 from Gumtree
  • Plant – $10 from Bunnings
  • Pot – $6 from Spotlight
  • Other assorted glasses, candles etc were existing or made DIY for next to nothing

Dining and Kitchen

  • We decided to take everything out of the kitchen, including the fridge to make it feel more open
  • Plant – approx $10 from bunnings
  • Pot – approx $10 from bunnings
  • Table runner – borrowed from my mum, probably $10 from Kmart or something

Master Bedroom

Before… (sorry this is the best pic I could find)


  • Occasional Chair – $49 from Kmart
  • Throw – a scarf from my mum
  • Cushion – $12 from Kmart
  • Plant – $10 from bunnings
  • Woven basket – $30 from Pillow Talk
  • Bed Cushions – $30 from popup homewares store
  • Frame – $15 from Kmart

Fake kids room



  • Desk (existing) from Officeworks
  • Bedside table – $5 from gumtree
  • Bed – this is not a real bed! We faked it using some scrap bits of wood and borrowing a single mattress to sit on top
  • Cushions – $30
  • Rug – $30 from Target



We didn’t do much staging here, but it’s funny to remember what it was before. So. Much. Stuff.





We didn’t add much outside, mainly just removed and cleaned everything up. The outdoor table and chairs my dad made. We spent $50 reoiling the deck and it looks brand new again.

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