I haven’t posted in a while because the last 9 months has been pretty non-stop working on the house. We’re expecting the next 3 months to be even more intense, so here’s a quick update on what we’ve achieved so far and the plans for the next few months…

In January, we kicked off the new year by installing the internal stairs! Yay no more scary AF stairs. We now have beautiful internal stairs, crafted majestically by my Dad.

Next up, we built the roof for the back deck. Can’t wait to be able to enjoy the breeze out here. We’ve just finished concreting a slab underneath it (to make it easier to hose under the deck and minimise bugs etc). We’re hoping to get to finish the deck before the end of the year, but have a few other projects to finalise first.

In early February, Townsville was devastated by a one in a thousand years flood. Thousands of businesses and homes were destroyed. Entire suburbs had to be evacuated, and the city just stopped for a week or two until the water subsided. We were very lucky, and didn’t suffer any damage.

Because of the floods, demand for building supplies and tradies went through the roof. We were grateful that our house hadn’t been impacted and that we’d got it to lock up and it was waterproof before the rain hit. But others weren’t so lucky. We decided to change our schedule a little and focus on what we could do ourselves, so that our local suppliers could focus on helping people who needed their houses repaired or rebuilt.

Oh man, I’d forgotten what green grass looked like.

After the floods, we finished gutting the old bathroom. Note: we were using this bathroom. Like this. Reno life is very glamourous.

In March we started planning out our downstairs bathroom. We picked out tiles and bought a bath! And Anthony did a heap of plumbing stuff.

In April we made some more progress on the guest bathroom upstairs, setting up the vanity and installing the shower screen, and worked on the main bathroom downstairs.

In May, we installed the plasterboard ceiling and internal lining of all the walls downstairs, and said goodbye to my favourite pine tree that had died after being drowned in the floods. Anthony also built out his side of the walk thru wardrobe. Which looks amazing and now im jealous that I didn’t do my side to match.

By the first of June our house was really starting to look like a house!!

Next up we started the install of the laundry. We opted for a laundry cupboard instead of a full laundry to save space. Now that its built its beautiful and we have the doors open most of the time anyway! Pics to come for the laundry soon…

In June we also tackled our feature ceiling project. This ended up being way more work then originally anticipated, but the end result is pretty special, and it was three weeks well spent.

Oh and cos as if that wasn’t enough going on, in June my dad also built and installed the cabinetry for our kitchen cabinets and we finally got our front fence brickwork done! This was originally schedule for February, but because of the floods got pushed back.

In July I finished up at my old job and started a new one, which meant I was away in Sydney for a few weeks. Meanwhile Anthony, my dad and our electrician powered on, and made a heap of progress downstairs. We got all the fans, lights and power connected. Anthony finished plumbing the kitchen and bathroom. And my dad did all the tiling for our main bath downstairs, which came up absolutely stunning.

In August, we smashed through a huge to do list. We finished painting and setting up our store room, installed the bath and shower downstairs, tiled the laundry, had the fence rendered, built and installed rest of the kitchen cabinets, and the hallway cabinetry, finished the bathroom upstairs, and installed the water line for the fridge.

In September, we worked on a lot of the exterior projects, trying to get them done before it starts to heat up for summer. After a few months of thinking, we decided on a fence colour and are super happy with it. We still need to get the slats, but our house is really starting to come together now.

So what next…

We’re working our butts off the next few months to try and get the entire house finished by February. There is still a lot to do. And four months doesn’t feel like a lot of time, but with what we’ve achieved in the last 9 months, who knows. Maybe we can do it.

The main projects we have left to tackle before sign off:

  • Finish the kitchen – We’re currently waiting for our kitchen bench tops and cabinetry to arrive so we can finish it. But expect them to be here in the next few weeks.
  • Finish the deck – We’ve also just ordered the steel and timber to finish the decking off and that will hopefully be here in a few weeks.
  • Build and install vanity cabinetry for downstairs bathroom
  • Finish the front fence
  • Finish the cladding and painting on the exterior
  • Install aircons
  • Connect remaining lights and powerpoints
  • Install doors for hallway cabinetry when it arrives
  • Make and install handrail for internal stairs
  • Install doors for laundry cabinetry
  • Build cabinetry for study nook and bookcase downstairs
  • Sheet ceiling in carport and deck
  • Demo the old kitchen upstairs, and sheet that room to convert to a bedroom
  • Install louver window where backdoor used to be
  • Install rainwater tank
  • Finish installing gutters and down pipes
  • Probably another hundred smaller tasks that I’ve forgotten about

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