Yay! After weeks of prepping and painting we’ve finally finished stage one of the exterior of the house. This included:

  • Getting rid of all the mould and peeling paint
  • Painting and more painting – Dulux Timeless Grey
  • New roof – Colorbond Surfmist
  • New gutters – Colorbond Windspray 

Here’s a side by side, before and after. And no we’re not keeping the red bit, that will be demolished 🙂

All up this project ended up taking about 2 months. The biggest part being prepping the house for painting. Painting side of the project came in at around $1,000. Which is a bit more than what we’d budgeted as we had to spend extra on the prep. We still need to replace all the windows as they’re in a pretty rough state, but we’ll probably do this after the lift.

Key things I’ve learned so far:

  • Never ever let your house get to the point that the paint is peeling. You can only just see a little bit of how bad the damage was before, but in a lot of areas of the house we had to scrape and sand it back to the raw timber because it was in such a poor state. I’d estimate it took more than 300 hours of labor to prep for painting. Meanwhile, the actual painting process probably only took about 30 hours. Even though the paint is guaranteed for 25 years, I think I’ll be making an effort to paint it every 10 years or so from now on.
  • Mould while it looks terrible and scary actually comes off pretty easily. I thought dealing with the mould would have been harder then sanding back the paint, but it actually came off pretty easily. We sprayed it with bleach, let it sit for a few minutes, then used a pressure hose to wash it off. Some sections we needed to scrub with a broom a bit, but overall this was the easiest thing out of the whole process

Stage two will be lifting the house and building in underneath. This is going to be a huge (and expensive) project, but I’m feeling pretty excited about it. All the plans have been signed off by the engineers now, next step is getting council approval and booking it in with the builder. Best case scenario the builder will be able to fit us in within the next few months, otherwise, we’re going to put it on hold for a few months until after the cyclone season.

In the meantime, we’ll keep kicking along working on the fence, starting to get the veggie garden and fruit trees setup.

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