We’re a bit strange. We NEVER use our front door. We always end up entering and exiting the house by the door on the deck so the fact that our front stairs looked like they were about to fall apart at any second didn’t really bother us. That is until we decided that we might want to sell our house so we could get a new one.

From the front, our house looks very ordinary. I mean it is an ordinary house, but it’s much nicer once you are inside then the front makes it appear, and one of the (many) things that I feel was letting down it’s street appeal was the condition of the front stairs.

The bottom landing had started rotting away / become a chew toy for our puppy, and the rest of the paint was purple and peeling.

Before – Note that we had started to strip some of the loose paint at this point, it wasn’t always this terrible looking… it was pretty close though.

The bottom step was in pretty bad condition, but most were still pretty solid, so we decided to replace the bottom step and any  of the ones that were a bit dodgy, but kept the ones that were still in ok condition.

Anthony putting the new bottom step in place

Underneath the deck was a mix of wood that had been painted a long time ago, and raw wood. It didn’t look great despite the actual wood itself being in good condition, so we decided to give it a fresh coat of paint. Because it had been so long since anyone painted the underneath, the wood was super thirsty and we quickly realised we were going to go through a lot more then we’d planned for. So we decided to give it a coat first using a blue/grey paint that we already had a large quantity of and then if it looked out of place, we could give it a second coat in another colour.

Underneath the deck / top landing area

The final result

We’re really happy with how it all turned out. And how little it ended up costing us. We already had a lot of tools on hand so we only needed to purchase paint and timber for the project.

Expenses Summary

  • 6L of ‘Dune’ Exterior Paint $61 (Bunnings)
    Used for the steps and wall on the deck which needed a freshen up.
  • 4L of ‘Jasper’ Exterior Paint $62.90 (Bunnings)
    Used for the railings. Still have a heap of this left that we’ll be able to use to touch up other areas of the house.
  • 1x 2.4m length of treated pine $33 (Bunnings)
    Used to replace some of the stairs

Total cost: $156.90


Before and After Comparison

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