It’s done and it’s even more amazing then I could have imagined! A month ago we started the process of raising (aka lifting) our house. The lift itself took 2 half days, with a few days prep before and after.

We’re so happy with how this turned out! Lifting a house is a big project. While our builder had assured us that it would be fine, we were a little nervous about how it would actually go. In the end we had nothing to worry about and everything went amazing!

Half way
After. Fully lifted with new posts, ready to start building in downstairs.

We’ve been asked a lot about why we decided to lift the house instead of building on top. Every situation is different but for us this was the best option. First of all the existing property was already raised about 50cm above the ground, which makes lifting it fairly easy.

Basically, they put some big strong beams under the house, and then jack it up.

There were temporary support beams to help keep the house from swaying too much as it was lifted and balancing on the beams.

The first few days in the house before all the support beams were added was a bit eery.  We were accessing the house via a ladder and had no toilet or bathroom. But thankful our builder who is an absolute legend organised and installed some temporary stairs and encouraged Anthony to hook up some temporary plumbing.

The house had a slight sway to it which made you feel like you were on a boat (or tipsy), but now that they’ve setup the supports downstairs I don’t even notice it anymore.

Now that the house is lifted, we’ve been working on framing out the new bathrooms upstairs and setting up the plumbing. We’re still waiting to hear back from our some contractors for the slab. Once it’s done then we’ll be able to start building in downstairs.

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