This week we continued chipping away working on the windows.

Restoring the casement windows is a bit of a drawn out process. But that’s ok because we’ve got plenty of stuff to do in between.

Here’s the process:

(Day one) During the week, my dad would come over in the morning, I’d help him pull out a few windows, and then he’d work on fixing up the hinges and squaring up any of the warped frames, before putting them back in.

(Day two) On Saturday we pulled the windows back out, removed the old, dried out putty and sanded them back. I then gave all the bare wood a coat of oil-based 4-in-1 primer. The primer takes 16 hours to dry, so we need to leave it overnight before we can move to the next step.

(Day three) Apply the putty (30-60 mins) a window, and then wait 14 days for it to skin over before we can paint…

Glazing casement windows

(Day eighteen) Paint, wait to dry, and then we can put them back up and they’ll look amazing… 🤞

Rather than keep pulling the windows in and out every day, we decided this weekend to kill two birds with one stone and make cyclone boards and board the windows up temporarily while we do the work.

We’re going into cyclone season at the moment, and having cyclone boards helps us a) protect the windows in case of a cyclone, and b) also gives us a reduction off our insurance premium each year.

The boards are super easy to make. We bought 4 sheets of 1200×2400 12mm structural pine ($49/sheet). Unfortunately, our windows are 1250 high, so we needed to add a little bit extra along the bottom on some of them where it was a bit short.

Eventually I’ll paint these so they are more weatherproof. But for now it stops the bugs getting in while we don’t have any windows.

Sitting in my window seat before we boarded up the windows

This week we also:

  • Finished framing up the windows Anthony was working on last week
  • Installed the guttering on the shed
  • Did a yard cleanup and tip run, getting rid of all the old tin and guttering left over
  • Moved some of our furniture to my parents so we’ve got a bit more room inside to start getting ready to work on the master and ensuite

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