This week was a great week! Got lots done and picked up some good bargains as well.

This weekends big projects included changing the layout for what will become the window above the bed in the master bedroom, as well as starting on restoring the old casement windows.

Changing the window layouts

Here’s a rough drawing of all the changes we’re making in this space. Last week we changed the four bay casement on the right, and this weekend we did the two bay casement on the left (hidden by the ‘curtain’.

Because we’re changing the layout of this space, we need to change the shape and type of windows to suit. For the ensuite space we needed to make the windows smaller as there would be a wall cutting through where the current ones are. But in the master bedroom, we wanted to change it to be a longer, and higher window, so that it will be balanced out by the bed.

We’d originally planned that both of these windows would become sliding windows so that we’d be able to have good airflow, but still keep the windows secure. But when we cut open the wall we found a cyclone rod in the way. Rather than move it, we decided to change the layout a little to turn it into a three bay set of louvers.

Restoring Casement Windows

While the boys were busy working on the window framing, I got started on restoring the casement windows. Luckily my Dad had already sanded back and cleaned out the old putty on some that we’d removed last week, so all I had to was prime them and reglaze.

One of the casement windows, sanded back ready to be primed

The first thing I did was applied a coat of primer. It was crazy hot and the primer was really thin so it went on thinner than I expected but hopefully it does ok. For the rest, I think I’ll try and prime them earlier in the day when it’s not as hot. I used British Paints 4 in 1 oil based primer.

Coat of primer

I waited 16 hours for the primer to soak in and dry before applying the putty (glaze). I’ve never glazed windows before so I was a little bit nervous but it was easier than I expected. It took about 3 hours to do the two windows, but I expect it will be faster for the rest now that I’ve started to get the hang of it.

Glazing is the process of putting putty in around the edges to help seal the window and hold the glass in place.

Glazing casement windows

I used Selley’s Special Putty (linseed oil based) and used about 600 grams to do two casement windows. Note our casements have quite an intricate pattern, requiring lots of glazing, so if yours are simpler, you’d probably need less.

Luckily since it’s so hot here anyway, it was very easy to work the putty. I found working in small handfuls worked best. I’d grab a scoop of the putty, kneed it for a few seconds in my hands then roll it out along the edge like a sausage. Then using my fingers I’d push the putty in along the inner edges aiming to cover it all at around a 45 degree angle. Then once I’d done 2-3 sides I used a small flat scraper to push hard on an angle around the edges smoothing it off. Next I cleaned off all the excess and touched up any uneven sections.

Sorry I don’t have any photos of the process, my hands were covered in putty… but I might try and setup a timelapse or something when I do some more so I can record how it’s done.

Here’s a picture of what the windows looked like before we cleaned them up. I still need to paint them (need to wait 2 weeks for putty to set first though) but they look so much better already!

Before shot. Notice chunks of the putty have fallen out / are all cracked. We pulled out all the loose stuff before applying the new putty.

This week’s best finds

Our budget for the reno is tight, so we’re always looking for opportunities to save some coin.

  • We got 5 wooden internal doors (4 cavity doors and one normal), all in great condition, off Gumtree for a total of $50. This would have cost at least $50 a door if we had purchased new. Saving $200
  • We ordered some tiles for the ensuite and the great bloke at the shop gave us a discount. Saving $120
  • And then while at bunnings picking up supplies, they had some discontinued plumbing stuff and I picked up 3 shower mixers for $30 each and 1 sink mixer for $50. These would have cost us about $160/each if we’d have purchased new. Saving $500. 

Total savings this week $820! Cha Ching.

Next week Anthony will be working on framing out the windows so that they’re ready for the new ones to go in. Meanwhile Dad and myself will be working on restoring the casement windows. We want to keep at least 15 of them so it’s going to take a few weeks, especially as we need to wait for them to dry between stages, but I think it’s going to be worth it in the end. The savings from not having to buy new windows is thousands of dollars, plus these windows add a bit more character and heritage to the house which I think is going to be nice.


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